13 arts workshops in Finland :)

Zapraszam na moją relację z wyjazdu do Finlandii:) 

In today's post I would like to share with you all my projects I have created during my workshops' trip to Finland. Thanks to wonderful organizers Elina and Terhi the event was perfect, the students were soooo talented, the food was amazing and thanks to my teammate Olga and the girls this trip was really full of joy :D

Here you can watch Olga's video from our trip, and these are my artworks made during the event.

I taught two classes, one with notebook and card (somehow I do not have photos of my works;)
But during my layout class I have made a layout for Terhi:)

During Olga's doll class I have decided to do it a bit differently this time (as I have already made original projects on her workshops before):

I really loved "Retrospection" class with Olga and I am very happy with the result 
(some new products sneak peaks here:D)

and my evening project also for Terhi with a photo of her and Marta :)

Thank you and hope to see you some day in Moomins country  again:) 


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  1. Woooowwwww cudowne prace <3

  2. Wow wow wow I just adore all of these Aida. Your creativity knows no bounds. I would have loved to be in these classes jot sure. LOVE them all. ❤️❤️❤️


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