Version Scrap Paris 8-10 April, 2016

Hello, only 8 days left till my another creative journey.
I am so happy to have this opportunity and I am really excited to meet so many new and familiar faces:)

Me and Olga will teach 13 arts classes, we will also make some product presentations: we will have one big presentation at 3pm on Saturday, and you will also meet us at Cartoscrap booth, where you can also buy many 13 arts products. 

If you still have not registered you still have your chance, choose your class and register here:

and here are few samples of the projects we will be creating during my classes:

Especially for you:

Flow with colors 

Photos from Version Scrap 2015:

Memories Forever

Textures and colors

So if you like mixed media, textures, playing with colors and mixing different techniques 
13 arts classes are perfect for you.

See you soon at Version Scrap :*


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  1. Wow !!! Aida, as I would love to attend one of his classes !!

    1. tahnk you Beatriz:) Maybe some day it will be possible :)


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